I have never officially started a blog, so this should be fun!

I will share experiences and the stories behind some of the pictures I take here. You probably haven't figured it out yet, but I am extremely passionate about teaching. I teach firearms courses, I teach occasionally at my church on Sunday mornings, and I even used to teach an early morning youth seminary class. 

I will take every opportunity to teach about photography through this website. Some of you that visit here will likely have interest in the art, so please take advantage of any of the information I share here.

Also, I am still very much learning about photography. I am FAR from knowing everything about it, or even a small part of it. But everyday I learn something new, and that is really the key. I hope each of you will also be encouraged to learn something new each day whether you are a complete newbie or a seasoned professional. 

I realize that one of the best ways to continue learning is to teach the subject matter. Teaching something forces one to break the subject down into its core components and principles. It's not always easy to do. Sometimes over the years you just sort pick things up, and you don't necessarily always know why you do certain things in certain ways. 

So to sum it up, I will do my very best to share my knowledge and experience of photography with each of you, and that you then will in turn share it with someone else.